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What Matters In Jane Austen?: Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved (2012)

by John Mullan(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
1620400413 (ISBN13: 9781620400418)
Bloomsbury Press
review 1: I love Jane Austen's books and have reread her books several times. Overall I really enjoyed the chapters and questions the author answered within the book. Mullan covers many interesting topics like sisterhood, sex, money, proposals, illnesses, blushing and reading with Austen's books. This book is both very informative and enjoyable at the same time. It would be easy to make the subject dry or uninteresting, but Mullan uses Austen's letters and works plus historical facts to draw many fascinating conclusions. The only drawback is the author assumes you know all of Austen's works so you need a very good knowledge of the books before you start reading. Personally, I've read Austen's books a few times. I didn't have trouble keeping the characters straight during the ... morebook.
review 2: 4.5 STARS (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)."In twenty short chapters, each of which explores a question prompted by Austens novels, Mullan illuminates the themes that matter most in her beloved fiction. Readers will discover when Austen's characters had their meals and what shops they went to; how vicars got good livings; and how wealth was inherited. What Matters in Jane Austen? illuminates the rituals and conventions of her fictional world in order to reveal her technical virtuosity and daring as a novelist. It uses telling passages from Austen's letters and details from her own life to explain episodes in her novels: readers will find out, for example, what novels she read, how much money she had to live on, and what she saw at the theater." (From Amazon)I recommend this book to any fans of Jane Austen or who want to know more about Jane Austen's novels. The questions that Mullen asks has been things I too have thought about as I read the novels. While I read this book over a period of time it can be read in one sitting as the author makes it engaging. less
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So interesting and really accessible but definitely for those Austen fans who have read and reread.
Very interesting and insightful. Brought up a lot of points I had not contemplated previously.
Great literary criticism. Took me back to my college and grad school days.
Good information, but a little too citation-heavy for a compelling read
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