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Murder In Mississippi (2013)

by John Safran(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
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Hamish Hamilton
review 1: I received this book as part of Goodreads' First Reads program.Most true crime books lay out a definite version of what happened, told in narrative form. This book does not do that.Safran isn't typically a writer. In his "day job," he more or less does pranks around a variety of racial issues, such as the one that brought him into contact with the victim of this murder, a white supremacist who Safran claimed was descended, in part, from somebody black. Being a professional prankster, this book was not about the crime, but about how Safran went about writing this book that was supposed to be about the crime.It was easily readable, but it wasn't what we expect of a true crime book. Maybe that's because the crime was seemingly simple: one victim (though the perpetrator did ha... moreve some criminal history), a guilty plea, a confession, a very straightforward theory. What gives true crime books their meat is some element of mystery, some suspense. This book didn't have any suspense, no buildup.
review 2: God'll Cut You Down is a different kind of book and I'm not sure I truly appreciated the style in which the book is written. That being said the book is probably more accurately written than the majority of true crime and/or non fiction books in general.John Safran is an investigative reporter for television in Australia. It is my understanding this is his first book and it is written very much in the manner of a visual media journalist.Mr. Safran has completed extensive personal interviews with the particulars of the story as well as having "dug" around for print artifacts regarding the crime-in this instance murder. His research seems to be as thorough as he can make it with the time constraints set for himself.There is no concrete conclusion to the book. The reader is left to decide for himself/herself what the motive(s) for the murder may have been, though in fairness, Mr. Safran does offer his personal opinion of the reason(s) for the murder.I rated this book 4 stars because I enjoyed and appreciated the thorough investigation and the "realness" of the reporting. I omitted the fifth star simply because the style of writing in the book was unfamiliar and uncomfortable for my taste.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. less
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3.5 stars. A good and easy read but there wasn't quite enough of a story in it. A lot of meandering.
I won't be going to Mississippi to research for a true crime book myself.
Enjoyed Safran's quirky take on this real life murder mystery.
Gave up because it bored the life out of me
Just ok
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