Violet Vanquishes a Villain 3 – The End

I have to say I am sad to have to say goodbye to Annie and Nate. This is the last book in the series, and I’m now looking forward to another novel with this adorable couple.

At the end of this novella Nate and his friend the district attorney come with the idea of having Alec confront Bickers and make him confess the truth. Yet, Alec is quite weak and in no state to do that, so his sister steps forward and volunteers to do that. So to Nate’s surprise the woman is serious, and his mother supports her decision. So Violet goes to the bank where Bickers is waiting for her brother to hand him the money. The sheriff are hidden inside, and Violet pretends she has the money for Bickers, and as they talk, Violet gets him to confess all he has done, and next thing he knows he is handcuffed when the sheriff bursts into the room.

I really loved the story, especially the moments between Annie and Nate. They’re so right together! I can’t say I love Violet. Despite Annie’s kindness to her, Violet’s thoughts about her sister-in-law are not too kind. I guess that deep down she is jealous of Annie’s independence, or maybe she is afraid to lose her position in the family for this new sister-in-law. I have to say that Violet didn’t have it easy growing up with parents who didn’t make her feel special, ignoring her or looking down on her in favour of her brother.

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