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Stories From The Life Of Porter Rockwell (2010)

by John W. Rockwell(Favorite Author)
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1608610055 (ISBN13: 9781608610051)
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review 1: A good introduction to Porter Rockwell's adult life. Some reviews have said it isn't well written, but I didn't go into it thinking it would be--it is short and simple. I thought of it more as something young readers could enjoy. (Richard Lloyd Dewey's 'Porter Rockwell: A Biography' is much more detailed and carefully written) Anyway, I admire this man and liked this quick read, sharing it with my son (who has Rockwell's 'wanted' poster hanging in his room)
review 2: I loved this book. Like the title states, it is a collection of stories from Porter Rockwell's life. It is a wonderful book for boys but girls will enjoy it too. The author is clear about which stories have been substantiated and which have not. He is also clear about his own opinions and never c
... morelaims to hold an unbiased opinion. Because he presents each story with its supporting proof, the reader can make their own determination. By the end, I wholeheartedly like this man, Porter Rockwell. I laughed and sometimes cried through the book. It is a biography that is masterfully told through stories. less
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I found the stories interesting, but the writing juvenile with a lot of opinions for a non-fiction.
This is such an interesting read, and told from the families perspective. Very interesting.
Collected stories from Porter Rockwell's life. Not very well written.
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