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The Haunted Heart: Winter (2013)

by Josh Lanyon(Favorite Author)
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Josh Lanyon
The Haunted Heart
review 1: I'm not a fan of ghost stories, but I liked the way the narrator's own relationships with life and death impacted on this tale. You can't get away from a certain amount of cliche with paranormal. There are unwritten rules about how the ghost impacts on the living world. What can change from book to book is the characterisation and how they each deal with this and with each other and what their pasts bring to the table. In that field, Josh excels as usual.
review 2: Another fabulous work from Lanyon. I love how he isn't afraid to put in the long, hard yards on a romance. His works are no simple boy meets boy, they fall in love, big misunderstanding, HEA. He delves so much more freely than most other authors into the subtleties of relationships, I love the lon
... moreg-drawn out approach of most of his work. The ones where the couples are either all ready together at the beginning of the story or where it takes several books for them to get their shit together and work out their issues so they can be together in a healthy relationship. Winter is the first book in what I can see will be a fascinating change from the mainstream M/M literature. less
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Excellent audiobook. I look forward to the next one in this series.
Made me cry last night. *sniff* Loved it.
great start to a new series!!
Voglio il seguito!!!!
4 spooky stars.
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