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Stadt, Land - Schluss: Weit Weg Von Zu Hause, Drei Kleine Kinder Und Der Ehemann Nie Da (2009)

by Judith O'Reilly(Favorite Author)
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3596178770 (ISBN13: 9783596178773)
review 1: I enjoyed the author's writing, but it was hard to feel sympathy for her essentially middle class woes from my personal single parent/council estate point of view. I myself could never have done what she did, moving from London to the country:- I'm a townie through and through..no matter how nice the cottage or the view. If I'm not within walking distance of civilisation I begin to lose my mind..
review 2: This book was nothing like I thought it would be. I was expecting a light-hearted memoir, but instead got a moving, poignant tale of motherhood.This author has a writing style unlike anything I've read before, and it took me awhile to get used to the cadence and tone of her writing. I struggled with it at first. But once I got attuned to her style, it became
... more a much easier read.Yes, there are moments of hilarity. But there are also many more moments of despair, love, sadness, fear, happiness, belonging. As a mother of 3 boys very near in ages to the author's children, I could completely relate to the author's feelings of frustration, hopelessness, tiredness and yet deep, unending love for her children. The shock near the end was heart-wrenching (despite the fact that it had been hinted at, and I was half-expecting it), and I had real tears falling as I read it. I was quite moved. The descriptions of the northern English countryside and way of life were also very entertaining. I love British books, but so often they are set in London, and so I had never really read about this part of the country. It was a refreshing change.If you are looking for a fluffy, light read, this is not it. But this book is so definitely worth reading - especially if you are a mother - do give it a try. :) less
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this is a really funny book!! not really inappropriate but really fun!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Honest, funny and fresh. Look out for the poetry in the writing - it touched my heart.
okay modern woman memoir
Very funny :-)
sad sad sad
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