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The Ugly Daughter (2000)

by Julia Legian(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 4
1495437108 (ISBN13: 9781495437106)
review 1: Julia Legian's memoir recounts her life in Vietnam during the 1970's up to the 1980's when her family escaped to Malaysia. She shares a fascinatingly account of coping with the horrid conditions of war, poverty, domestic violence, and abuse from family members. One bright spot in her life is her Grandma. It is hard to imagine how a child can survive these living conditions without their spirit being crushed. The book ends abruptly, but I look forward to part 2 of her story.
review 2: This is a raw & detailed account of Vietnamese girl's formative years.It is an emotional read,due to cruelty,violence & tragedy.This book succeeds in a flourish the dual nature of human beings -on one hand how we are capable of the most despicable acts & on other hand there are tho
... morese like Julia who for their sheer perseverance of spirit give us bottomless hope.I Believe this book deserves wider audience - a movie version if possible because we all could learn so much from her life. less
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Thanks for the friendship request Julia. Look how highly rated your memoir is!!!
Very, very interesting to dive into such a different culture and upbringing.
Review in progress.
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