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Who Killed John F. Kennedy? (2013)

by Justin Sewell(Favorite Author)
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Despair, Inc.
Lose Your Own Adventure
review 1: This book is really weird. It is shaped all katawonky and does not fit well on the shelf with my other books. For that it lost one star, plus I kept dying. I don't like dying. For that I took away one star. There were pictures, for that it gained one star back. I skipped the prologue and read straight through from cover to cover and the book made no sense, for that I took away one star. I then read the prologue, now I had to re-read the book like 7,457 times. For that I gave a star because it was much more enjoyable, even though I kept dying.
review 2: I could have sworn that I reviewed this. Weird. Anyway:Back in elementary school, I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books and kid detective stuff like The Hardy Boys and Cam Jansen, so this was a treat. I
... more've read a few Choose Your Own Adventure-style books for adults (like Ocean and Lard and Super Giant Monster Time, which were written by friends of mine) and I even wrote a chapter using the Choose Your Own Adventure style in my first novel, but this is the only book that I've come across that is a parody of the original series in every conceivable way rather than just using its format.It's just a beautiful book and its zany retro illustrations brought back memories from my childhood.The "kid detective investigating the JFK assassination in the format of CYOA" concept is something that will cause most writers to palm-slap themselves in their foreheads, wonder why the didn't come up with the idea first, and wish they had.Reading the book is enough to make anyone paranoid about the government considering the many inaccuracies it reveals in regards to the official investigation, along with the extreme weirdness surrounding the event.While reading the book, I was reminded of playing the computer game adaptation of Harlan Ellison's story "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" considering, in both cases, regardless of what decision I made, it would always end in failure.The book is also very funny. And just an extremely fun read. less
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The best choose your own adventure, a quick read, and a lot of interesting fun.
This book sounds great! Can't wait to read it.
Very fun!
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