Thoughts on Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

I love to hate and hate to love Fisher.

It’s a very hard book to review and to summarize without giving spoilers. Mostly while reading it was a, “no no no. Damn. Fuck this. Whyyyyyyyyyy.” And my favorite the “What. The. Fuck”

It’s not a romance book which always throws me for a loop. I mean yes it has romance but it’s not all about that so, no, not a romance. It has suspense and mystery and it’s dark. Not too dark where you wonder how it’ll ever be light again but dark enough for you to notice the absence of light.

The story is about Senna. She’s a writer. She wakes up in a house in the middle of a snow hell. Senna’s not alone int he house though, there’s someone there with her. Someone from her life she hasn’t seen in a while. Together they have to put their trust issues aside and try to find the clue to get out. Surrounded by nothing by snow and mountains and an electrical fence with time running out.

I say with time running out because her kidnapper  was smart and cunning.

The characters were engaging and witty. There’s pain and sorrow but some laughter in between. I couldn’t review this one without spoiling anything so I decided not to. I actually went into this one without any research because I’ve noticed that’s how I end up enjoying them most. It was a good choice.

Read it. Travel with Senna and try to unscramble the events that led to where she was and read about a strong but very human heroine.

I really loved this one, not so much when I finished because I wasn’t too thrilled about the ending. But, like I told my friend, Tarryn has a way of getting the characters in your head and they mess with you a little. Or maybe it’s just mine. Either way.

Also, just a random note that the cover on this one is spot on. I feel like it tells the story of the book now that I read it and see allt he simbolism. That’s always neat to see too.




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