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The Castaway Bride (2011)

by Kandy Shepherd(Favorite Author)
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Kandy Shepherd
review 1: Cristy Walters is moments away from tying the knot, when she catches her groom, and her maid of honor in a cinch. Just wanting to leave, Cristy bolts from the wedding. She runs into Matt Slade in the elevator, who against his better sense, decides to act as a knight and whisk her sway from her dream that's turned into a nightmare. For Cristy, being more attracted to her knight in shining than the fiance she has just left behind is scary. Will she be able to fight the attraction?I really enjoyed reading this story. The descriptions Ms.Shepherd gives of the island Cristy and Matt are marooned are absolutely beautiful. I wanted to be there. The chemistry and passion between Cristy and Mat is also very well written, and saying it's hot, just might be an understatement. ... more Fiery is better, and scorching is even better. I liked how both Cristy and Matt had issues that added more depth to them, making neither of them perfect.Kandy Shepherd is from the Land Down Under, better known as Australia. Having read most of Kandy's previous novels, I am eagerly looking forward to reading more from her in the future!
review 2: Cristy planned the perfect wedding, on a fancy island resort,a gorgeous white wedding gown, and a rich husband to be. She finds herself running from it all – falls into the arms of Matt Slade and asks him to take her away off the island. A runaway bride ! whom is cast away ! Shipwrecked with Hotty, sexy Matt Slade, Cristy finds herself day dreaming – lusting for him, he makes her pulse race, her heart flutter and tingles in places like never before. An attraction she has never felt - Matt brings out a yearning in Cristy she never knew existed and Cristy sends Matt's libido into full throttle. Matt and Cristy explore the island, and eventually give in to desires they both can’t deny, passionate and sensual just living for the moment. Matt is not who is says he is and Cristy not the gold digger Matt thinks she is. A Love affair that brings about a passion and sparks within, but can their love survive outside the Island and moments and memories they have created? Can they learn to trust their feelings – or move on to never know if love ever existed!My Thoughts!!Oh my !! This books reminds me of my most Favorite movie ever *Blue Lagoon *, of course it is not!! But I couldn’t help but relate my thoughts to a beautiful island, waterfalls, seafood at hand, and fresh fruit and nakedness and frolicking in the water. ! Yes it has all this... oh and hot romantic interludes !!! Kandy has created a romantic story, that’s jam packed filled with passion, love, and two souls who have never found true love. A smooth flowing story, with chapters that easily flow, a great cast of characters that I am sure you will fall in love with. Cristy and Matt‘s chemistry was like a bonfire and a raging inferno! Sensual, loving, passionate and hot as hell ! Scorchin !!! I could see Matt walking down the beach is big tat - bare arse and hot bod !! Kandy has no qualms in creating visions for us to ogle and drool over and even moments where I was giggling at Cristy’s antics. Her beach attire - and naivety was amusing, I found myself giggling like a school girl in some parts, the dinosaur, the sharks … Cristi was certainly a fun loving character . A well developed character trait of Cristy’s that Kandy let flow through the entire read. Matt was a jack of all trades, from smoking hot in the bedroom to as sexy in the kitchen! I love a man who is self sufficient! ** wink wink **Sexy moments, that will make your toes curl, grin sheepishly at their banter, and funny moments that you can’t help but laugh at. This read contains all the goodies for a quick uplifting romance filled with humour, romance and lots of loving !! A hotty we drool over, a great storyline and a happily ever after we all love to see.My first ever story I have read of Kandy’s , it won’t be the last, if your after a quick romance, that will not only have your heart – a – flutter, your toes curling and your pages wafting with heat then this sensual romance is for you !! Im a sucker for a good romance if it fulfills all my wants its a keeper and this one certainly is, at only -99 cents a must buy !! It will make you smile. An island paradise, for two,, what more could any girl want – (( Not to be rescued that’s for sure )) wink wink !! less
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Loved it. A fast-paced sexy read. A best-selling romance.
Good book. I enjoyed it..... :)
Deliciously enjoyable!
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