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Stuck In The Middle (of Middle School): A Novel In Doodles (2013)

by Karen Romano Young(Favorite Author)
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0312555962 (ISBN13: 9780312555962)
Feiwel & Friends
review 1: This sequel to Doodlebug will likely appeal to elementary school girls who also enjoy the Dork Diary series. Done in the style of a graphic journal, characters are occasionally difficult to distinguish and the storyline occasionally suffers from the same ADD problems as the main character. However, the plot and problems contained in the story are totally appropriate for upper elementary and middle school audiences. Unfortunately, I can think of very few middle school students who would actually read it.
review 2: I was really excited that I won this book in the giveaways! It was my first one! I really enjoyed the fact that this book is a modern day story for children to read. Middle school-aged children will really be able to connect to the characters and situ
... moreations discussed throughout the book. The characters are diverse, there are "modern families", the main character faces her first boy/girl school dance, and she discusses her struggle with one of her teachers (based on that teenage feeling that people are out to get them when they are really just trying to help them). However, some children may be overwhelmed by reading this book since there are a lot of words and images on each page. As always, if you are a parent wondering if what your child is reading is appropriate, read the book first to make sure that you are alright with the situations discussed. I hope this review helps! less
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Ugh this book is difficult to read. It was very frustrating.
my 11 year old daughter read this book and she loved it...
was confusing and hard to follow
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