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Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography Of My Appetites (2013)

by Kate Christensen(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 5
0385536267 (ISBN13: 9780385536264)
review 1: I have not read the reviews yet as I don't want to bias mine; however, I suspect a lot may not be positive. I admit that this book may seem like a bit too much navel-gazing, but I found it eminently readable, fascinating, and it hit very close to home for me -- sometimes painfully and strangely too close. As I read along, especially through the recounting of the author's childhood and adolescence, I discovered that we shared so many similar experiences and feelings. From her unconventional childhood, parental, sibling, and step-parent issues, to her romantic relationships and her marriage to Jon, I could see much of my life and feelings I've had there. There were obvious differences (very different career paths, places lived, etc.), but many of the emotions, feelings, ... moreand experiences were similar. I appreciated and enjoyed all the food/drink references and recipes, and food has played an important part in my life as well, but to me, these were overshadowed by Kate's telling of her emotional life story. In short, I loved it.
review 2: I have read The Great Man by this author and really enjoyed it. But this book did not thrill me. The recipes don't really seem to go with the anecdotes. Her life is is full of folks making poor choices ( a la Jeannette Wall)but I never felt drawn into caring much about any of them. There are other great books about food and life...MFK Fisher, Laurie Colwin, and even newcomer Molly Wizenburg...read those instead. less
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It was surely a journal. Total recall food crises and how we live poignantly.
Fabulous. A joy to read.
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