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Play By Play (2013)

by Kate Donovan(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 3
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Play Makers
review 1: I liked the idea of this story more than I actually enjoyed the execution of it.One minute the heroine was all "I don't want a man obsessed with sports", next thing she is taking him interstate to a football match. Sophie ran a little hot and cold for me. She got the shits with Jake when she discovered his duplicity (and so she should), and the next minute she's all over him like Glad wrap. That didn't really ring true for me.There are those that won't mind this, but I can't say that I was enamoured with Play by Play. That was a bit sad really, as I love sports-themed romance. I would be interested to see how the rest of the series plays out and who Kate Donovan will be introducing - but I don't think I will revisit Play by Play.
review 2: I received a copy in
... moreexchange for an honest review.Cute novella about former college football star-turned sports blogger Jake Dublin and the object of his desire, lawyer Sophie James (aka Elevator Girl), who happens to be moving into the same building as Jake.Jake was endearing, he seemed to have a good time with the banter with his readers, but Sophie was a bit much. She wanted to play it cool, especially given her previous relationship, but to just jump full steam ahead was a bit much. I'll admit, I didn't think that was who she was related to when it came out (I thought she was related to the Hutch dude from early in the story). The big misunderstanding was too much; how was Jake to know who she was related to? Overall a cute, quick read. less
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A short but fun introduction of what's yet to come in this series.
2.75 starsit was cute but at times way too corny
cute sweet sports read
3.5 rating!! Cute!!!
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