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She Rises (2013)

by Kate Worsley(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 3
1620400979 (ISBN13: 9781620400975)
Bloomsbury USA
review 1: Because one of my favorite author Sarah Waters takes entirely too long between books, I've been looking for something in similar vein. I came across this book on a list of Lambda nominees and it sounded really great. And it actually really was. Absolutely spellbinding, took a short whole to get into, but then I couldn't put it down, ended up reading it all about five and a half hours. The dual story lines was what initially threw me, being fairly indifferent to maritime tales, but the narrative is so cleverly split and so well executed plus the sea here is impossible to ignore, it's very much a character in itself, practically a love interest. Although the historical and gay aspects intertwined inevitably invite the comparison, this isn't Sarah Waters. This is Kate Worsley... more, a major talent if this confident and exciting debut novel is any indicator. I have to say I didn't love the ending, understood it, appreciated it, but didn't like it. Loved the book, though. Gorgeous writing, very striking book inside and out. Highly recommended.
review 2: Like a number of the other reviewers, I chose this book because of the beautiful woodcut cover image and the summary inside the sleeve. But this is a good example of not judging a book by its cover (or it's summary) because it turned out to be something very unexpected. It's very hard to review this without giving away the primary plot point, so all I will say is that for me, this novel shifted from believable to slightly crazy. But it sure kept me reading, even when the story fell off the rails. less
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what I want to know is how did she overcome having her period on the ship?
Beautiful writing and plot!! LOVED this book. Definite reread
Wonderful story of gender, sex and the sea
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