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The Anthology Of Really Important Modern Poetry: Timeless Poems By Snooki, John Boehner, Kanye West, And Other Well-Versed Celebrities (2012)

by Kathryn Petras(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
076116782X (ISBN13: 9780761167822)
Workman Publishing Company
review 1: Kayne West once said "My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live." Donald trump said "I am talking as a deal maker. I am a deal maker. I am a really good deal maker. I make great deals. That is what I do." If it wasn't for this book, I would not have been able to read these amazing quotes. I may go on Pinterest to find craft ideas to make these quote part of my everyday life. Thanks Anthology of Really Important Modern Poetry for sharing these words said by the powerful leaders of this world, like Snookie. ***warning...there is a lot of language by certain people... aka JOHN MAYER-you filthy mouth!
review 2: Since I develop the poetry and humor sections at our public library (800s, yo!) one of the other librarians passed th
... moreis ARC along to me. This book is a really pretty fun collection of found poems made from celebrity quotes that unfortunately doesn't seem to understand that actual contemporary poetry often uses things like found celebrity quotes. I understand it's easier to market this as a humor book and take the angle "wouldn't it be hilarious if we pretended the DUMB things celebrities said were poetry?". It makes sense, though, I guess. We all know poetry books don't sell, and this will probably sell more copies than any of my favorite poetry books to come out in the past year. Even the funny ones. What this is is a big missed opportunity to make some fascinating, funny, good poetry. Every joke is explained and overexplained in the most obnoxious way possible, every celebrity bio is snarky and mean. The tone is "we are obviously so much smarter than these moron celebrities and you can tell because we are talking about poetry!!" And in terms of actually making some cool references for the poetry fan, there is not even a nod to anything poetry-related that one wouldn't pick up from a standard high school english class. A frustrating, dumb novelty book. less
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Each poet was great,Insightful and so funny!Rush was my favorite.
Brilliant, sharp, and painfully funny.
A perfect book to keep in the toilet.
Hilarious. And kind of sad.
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