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Smasher: A Silicon Valley Thriller (2000)

by Keith Raffel(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 2
Silicon Valley Mystery
review 1: "Smasher" is the hot new read for anyone who likes a juicy and intellectual story. Keith Raffel has the ability to tell a story which keeps you on the edge of your seat. By developing strong emotional ties between each character, this story was a thrilling page-turner. I was committed to solve the mysteries embedded in this spell-binding novel. With several story lines intermixed between the powerful and family intrigues be developing interesting and loving characters, Keith Raffel created laughter and tears. The experienced had me feeling like I lived next door to these fascinating and intelligent local characters. The hints of worldly and insider-dominate knowledge, factual theology, scholastic innocence, and historic data presented like folklore, provide moments of clev... moreer reality only influential authorities could interpret from reality of Silicon Valley's most powerful. I cared what happened to the characters, feeling the respect, love and sorrow in the relationships between them. The intelligent and interesting characters Keith Raffel created in the prequel "Dot Dead" are carried over into "Smasher". The characters are still going through exciting experiences which reflect the modern powerbrokers in the Silicon Valley landscape. "Smasher" paints a story that is true to life in Silicon Valley with the well crafted characters and landmarks right out of successful law firms, Stanford University, and this community of achievers and believes who have made success and world domination feel like a cottage industry - nice and cozy. Cuddle up with this mystery and enjoy a tantalizing tale that only a great author could create. When the reader is left turning each page, as if the story was a secret being shared only with them, you know it is a book worth reading. I bought several copies for other insiders who would enjoy sharing and reflecting this great novel. Share with others who enjoy intelligent suspense. I longed for more Keith Raffel and am thrilled to have discovered this new friend. Don't forget the prequel - "Dot Dead". I am now on to "Drop by Drop" - also a really great read! Cathi, Silicon Valley, California
review 2: Easily the worst thriller I have ever read (and I have read some clunkers). Prose turned out by a computer with a ten-step algorithm would be better than this! (Some of it so bad it is actually funny.) The author brings together the usual Silicon Valley suspects of greedy VCs, megalomaniacal CEOs and pony-tailed, ultra-fit Stanford coeds into a single unholy mess. The one redeeming feature are the Bay Area locations... less
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A fast-moving twisting plot that keeps you turning pages. Highly recommended.
I never thought I'd use physics again in my life...ever. LOL
fast paced - ok for a thriller.
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