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Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over The Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground (2011)

by Kevin Poulsen(Favorite Author)
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0307588688 (ISBN13: 9780307588685)
review 1: I found this book as I became interested again in the darkweb and its goings on. The book was published in 2011 and deals with the carding profession through the late 90's - early 00's. In that sense it lags the tor/silkroad/bitcoin market that exists today, rather showing its roots in sites like carders markets.com and early altcoins like e-gold. So a thoughtful read for anyone interested in where today's dark web has evolved from. Also, Poulsen's a snappy, unobtrusive writer, very much reminiscent of Michael Lewis in his ability to turn a complex, technical story into a page-turner. Finished it in one sitting.
review 2: quickly read book, documentary bordering on fiction or fiction bordering on documentary. A bit simplistic, not on the technicalities (which
... moreare very simplified of course: this isn't a how-to but a general public docuthriller, if you ask) but in the way Polsen tells what is going on in Max 's and his accomplices minds and treats the black hat/white hat duality. Those terms have a romantic weight and I understand the attraction to them but he ponders around for ages about something very simple.He also lost the page turning qualities of the story by not really knowing if he should tell it factually or subjectively or if the FBI side was as important as the launderer's, the benefactor's or the carder's one... less
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such a riveting, tragic, personal tale of a smart and sympathetic guy making terrible decisions.
This is an awesome read. If you're into infosec or anything of the sort this is a good read.
Lots of computer jargon, but I actually liked it.
A really interesting read
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