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No Alligators In Sight (2013)

by Kirsten B. Feldman(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
1492792195 (ISBN13: 9781492792192)
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review 1: Growing Pains:In this story about growing, learning, and letting go, I laughed and even cried at times. While this was not a typical storyline for me I couldn't stop reading. I was fascinated by the in depth life the author has created for her characters.Annie/Leticia wants nothing more than to have a normal life. The fates have not been kind in that respect. She barely has any memories of the mother who abandoned her. Her father is an alcoholic who can't be depended upon. From a young age she has been responsible for herself as well as for her younger brother, Bert. How will she deal with all of the confusing and frustrating changes that comes along with growing up?I came to care very much for Annie/Leticia and her "family". I was proud of the many ways she grew as a pers... moreon and the lessons I learned with her along the way.Thank you for letting me be part of Lettie's life. I loved her and Ralph-yep, that's me hopeless romantic.
review 2: This was an interesting book that slowly drew me deeper and deeper into the story of Leticia, a smart, sensitive thirteen-year old girl who has become the caregiver of her little family after her mother leaves her and her brother Bert to run off to Florida with her lover/new husband Orlando. For the six years since, Leticia has had to raise her little brother and take care of her Dad, a functioning angry, alcoholic. It's no wonder that she is filled with such anger at the world that she will eventually have to learn to make peace with if she wants to be happy. The story starts off in the future as Leticia's daughter Zuzu finds her mother's diaries and they start reading them together for the daughter to learn about her mother's past when she was the same age as her daughter is now. After being caught shoplifting at age 13, Leticia is sent down to Florida with Bert for a six week visit with her mother and Orlando. She quickly must come-to-terms with the true character of her mother and must eventually decide whether or not to forgive her for being so imperfect. This story perfectly captures the angst of adolescence and reminded me so much of what it felt like to be a teenager in a world that was full of indifference, persecution, and love. A really wonderful story whose flavour reminded me so much of Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women and Bernice Thurman Hunter's That Scatterbrain Booky. I won a copy of this book but this is an honest review of this really good novel. less
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Not my usual genre but I enjoyed it, although I felt a little let down with the ending.
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