Special Seven Sunday : Authors Who Never Disappointed

Special Seven Sunday is a weekly book tag hosted by Kajal Dhamija.In this post I’m going to feature 7 or less than 7 authors who have never disappointed me along with their book which so dear to me.So let’s begin:

1.Khaled Hosseini

He knows exactly how to get grip of readers heart.Thousand splendid suns is my favourite book.

(PS:I hate Rashid from thousands splendid suns)

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2.Dan Brown

Dan Brown leaves his reader thrilled, mused, anxious without any doubt.He is damn good at thrillers.

3.Nicholas Sparks

His books leave us heart broken, in the verge of tears, hopeful and warmth.He writes a book with full of passion.His love stories are the best.

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His books are written amazingly. It remains very close to my heart.

5.Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon makes the readers interest for the quest to find the villain even stronger.His books are definitely worth reading.

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6.J.K Rowling

Who don’t love J.K Rowling?? She is the best.To built an entirely different world is not an easy task.Her writings has power to make us believe that somewhere Hogwarts, Privet Drive, 9 3/4 platform all this exist.

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7.Twinkle Khanna

I have only read this book but this book is unforgettable.She is if a kind.She is witty, amazing.I love her