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Get Your Lump On With Lumpy Space Princess (2012)

by Kirsten Mayer(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
0843172681 (ISBN13: 9780843172683)
Price Stern Sloan
review 1: I love Adventure Time. It hits all of my buttons, and a particular favorite of mine is, of course, Lumpy Space Princess.This little book is something of a 'greatest hits' compilation instead of a new story or, Glob forbid, a love advice manual. Unfortunately it doesn't really do the show or the character justice.Perhaps if it was an audiobook and one could hear her lumpin' dulcet tones.
review 2: Oh my glob, you guys! There is no way Adventure Time fans will NOT like this book. Lumpy Space Princess is convinced she knows everything about love and this book covers all of her rules for finding romance. Advice includes: "look lumpin' awesome" (because appearance is, like, the most important thing ever), avoid drama (because nothing can kick the lumps out of lov
... moree faster than some drama), and don't date food. Finn pops in to note that this might not be the best advice, but it is hilarious if you love the show and the characters.The library should keep this out on display in an area where teens and tweens can see it--it is gonna get lost in the 100's nonfiction section because this really isn't an information book. It is pure entertainment. less
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10/10 would recommend best book I have ever read
lesson learned: don't date food. Thanks LSP
Love the cartoon, hate these. Unreadable.
Fun little flip through.
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