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Only Half Alive (2000)

by Konstanz Silverbow(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The cover first attracted me to this book! I mean look at it! It is stunning! I then read the synopsis and it doesn't really give a lot away about what happens in the book, but in a way it does as well! It doesn't give away a teaser, but it explains the book in such a short way! I liked this book and I enjoyed it, but I didn't love, love this book! I did have a few problems with it as well! The plot of this book starts right away! I liked that, but then I did find it a little confusing as well! It took me a few chapters to start being able to actually follow what was happening, but I did enjoy it! The plot was pretty unique as I haven't really read anything like it before! The author added a really nice twist to the whole demon aspect to make this book different and stand ... moreout! The plot did impress me, but I did have a slight problem with it as well! There were some sentences in it that could have been written better in my opinion! There were a few sentences I felt like that about, but not too many and it didn't occur throughout the full book, which I loved! The characters were awesome! Christina was the main character and all she wanted was to be normal! She was something that she didn't want to be, but she had to live with it! Or did she? ;) I loved Christina because she was so kick-ass! She was so determined to protect the people she cared about that she would do anything and I loved that about her! I also loved Christina because she was such a genuine person and she was so normal! Even though she didn't think so! I loved her courage and determination as well! Riley was the love interest of Christina, but he wasn't in this book a lot too be honest! When Riley was in the book I loved him! I did think that he accepted Christina's world a little too easily, but I guess that everyone reacts differently to different situations! Riley was such a sweetheart! I loved his relationship development with Christina There was potential for a love triangle in this book between Christina, Riley and someone else who plays quite an important role in this book, Finn! I would have loved this book to have had a love triangle in it, but in a way I'm really glad it didn't! There was so much going on in the book already that a love triangle would have been too much! I'm not sure if there is going to be another book to this one, but I don't think there will be! This book was fully resolved and everything, but I still wouldn't mind another book to see Christina and Riley's relationship develop more! The ending also left this book open to another one! As I said, the cover for this book is stunning! It really suits the book and it so eye-catching! Big thank you to Konstanz for a copy of Only Half Alive and to Amber for having me on the Blog Tour!
review 2: I am not sure what I expected from this story but it was definitely not what I got.It's a story of fate,love,lose,secrets,lies,and finding yourself.And anything you think you know about paranormal creatures will be blown out the water. Konstanz adds a new twist on the nature of these creatures.It is an interesting concept.The only problem I had was it was never fully explained the nature of the relationship between a vampire and werewolf. It alludes to their connection but doesn't go in dept enough to fully explain it.I really enjoyed this story and all the twist and turns.I caught myself gasping and saying "I didn't see that coming" out loud then sitting in shock while I processed the new info.I can only image the shock and emotional turmoil Christina and Riley have to go through as they discover who they really are.There are times I want to just sit and cry with her.But she pulls herself through and never gives up.She overcomes adversity and takes control of her life in order to try and defeat an ultimate evil. less
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This is an amazing book I was not able to put it down until I finished it.
I liked this book. I enjoyed the concept. I wish it lasted a bit longer.
loved it!
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