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Being Their Baby (2013)

by Korey Mae Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 6
Stormy Night Publications
review 1: A bit out of my comfort zone, and my comfort zone tends to be perverted stuff to begin with!It covers the whole baby/child thing quite cleverly though. It makes Sophie's actions seem plausible, however arbitrary they may appear at first. Even though she's 18 she often ends up behaving like a small child, and you can kind of grasp why. The book's missing more depth though. It really wouldn't have hurt if it was 150 pages longer, simply because you're dealing with 4 characters that are all interesting to learn about, and who all go through some fairly insane character development. And then the circumstances of the situation once Sophie is introduced to the household warrants a lot of details I think, and not a 5 months timeskip.There's a little to be said about spelling and ... moregrammar, but otherewise nothing major I think.Surprisingly good book though. Very surprising I must admit.
review 2: Captivated by the first half, not so much by the second. The age play was interesting and surprisingly HAWT at times. I really enjoyed reading about the main characters and how Sophie came to be with them. Then the story did a "six months later" jump that I didn't get the point of. Anyway she was still a virgin, then she went through a traumatic experience and that very night it was decided it would be a good time to take her virginity. The guy was a doctor so I didn't get that either. It was poor taste and poor timing IMO. This story had some light FF action, age play, lots of spanking BUT no ménage as I incorrectly had assumed it would.All in all it was an interesting story. less
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Wish I could find more like this ! Has an actual plot and is more than 40 pages
New topic for me, so that was interesting. Well written and pretty good.
Loved this book! Didn't want it to end. Any chance of a sequel?
Really torn between 3.5 and 4 Stars.Review to come.
Loved this and want more.
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