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Tangled Beauty (2013)

by Kristen Middleton(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Overall I thought this was pretty good and I like stories told from a different main character's POV each chapter. It was a nice quick read. The end was a little weird since Sinclair's issue with Reed wasn't even brought up, but I think I would check out the next book.Sinclair has sworn off men ever since she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. She has dedicated all of her time to her job as a hair stylist at Tangled as well as with her BFF Jesse. Jesse invites Sinclair to go home with him for the weekend under the guise of his girlfriend since he hasn't come out to his family yet. Jesse has a boyfriend named Alex who is not pleased at all about being left behind for the weekend. Jesse tells Sin that if it wasn't for the trust fund money he gets every week, he w... moreould have already come out to his parents.While the main story is going on, we get snippets from the POV of Michael. Michael seems to be someone who is obsessed and fascinated with Sinclair. He has all of these fantasies about her and lurks in the shadows of wherever she goes.When we meet Reed, he is in the airport trying to get a hold of his fiance, Sela. Sela is an extremely high maintenance French model and most of the time Reed is trying to figure out why he asked her to marry him in the first place. Jesse and Sinclair join his parents for dinner where she meets Jesse's dad Jack. Jack gives Sinclair a creepy once over and she instantly doesn't really like him. Reed finally shows up, and Sinclair is immediately attracted to him and his gorgeous blue eyes. Reed noticed the way that Sinclair was undressing him with her eyes and he was wondering what his brother was doing with a girl like her when he knew that his brother was gay.Sela actually decided to grace them all with her presence and shows up at the house. Instead of being happy to see each other after two weeks apart, all they do it bicker. They finally rejoin everyone at dinner, and Sela instantly goes after Sinclair. Not being one to just sit there and be a victim, Sinclair fires back and Jesse chimes in to help her too.Jesse tells Reed that after dinner they are going to go to a secluded spot on the beach and go skinny dipping. Sela quickly tells them that they will gladly join but after dinner she develops a headache and doesn't want to go. Reed gets a sneaky suspicion that something else is going on with Sela since she's being so secretive and distant. Reed goes to draw Sela a bath and when he comes out he finds her doing Coke and freaks out. He tells her that there are no drugs in his house or his parents house but she doesn't seem to care.Reed goes out to the skinny dippers just to tell them that they won't be joining them. When he goes back inside to find Sela, he finds her wearing pretty much nothing in the library with his dad. Reed is so pissed, especially when his dad goes to leave and he sees that his fly is open.When Sin and Jesse come back in from the ocean, Sin tries to take a shower. The bathroom in her guest bedroom wasn't working so Jesse told her to go use his. At the same time, Reed is downstairs getting shifted. When he drags himself back to his room, he hears the shower running and decides that he is joining Sela in the shower no matter what. When he opens the shower door, he finds Sinclair in there and they both freeze and then panic.Sinclair tells Jesse about the shower incident and Jesse gets this idea for Sin to seduce Reed to break him and Sela up for good. Sin tells Jesse to just forget it because she could never do something like that.The next day, Jesse and Sinclair go out shopping so that Sin can find a more suitable dress for Jesse's parents anniversary party that night. Before they head out, they bump into Reed who asks Sin for a haircut before they leave. Sin and Reed head up to Sin's room where things get very flirty and steamy. Reed removes his shirt so that Sinclair can wash his hair in the sink. The moment his shirt comes off, Sinclair can't think straight. Things really start to heat up between them and the sexual tension is immense. Sinclair tries to break the tension by bringing up Sela. They start chatting about their lives as Sin is cutting his hair. Sin finishes up and as they are saying their goodbyes, Reed decides to he can't take it anymore and decides to go for it. He grabs her and kisses her so hard and Sin returns the kisses back. Sin is able to grab a hold of herself and stop things before they progressed even further. Sin reminds Reed that he is engaged and they both decide to forget that this ever happened.This incident with Sinclair showed Reed that he really was not ready to get married, especially to Sela. Reed invites Sela to go run some errands with him, but she declines so that she can hang back at the house with Jack. While out, Reed bumps into Sin and Jesse having lunch and joins them. As soon as he sits down, Jesse gets a call from Alex and excuses himself from the table. When Jesse returns to the table, Sin can tell that something happened. He tells Sin that he thinks he "lost his job" and leaves her alone with Reed so that he can have some time to process the situation.When Reed and Sin return to the house, the party planning seems to be underway, All the trucks and vans loading food and decorations were all over the property. They bump into Pastor Richie on their way in. He explains that he is going to be there tonight to renew Mimi and Jack's vows. Sinclair sneaks away to go and find Jesse but what she finds instead makes her stop dead in her tracks. She finds Jack and Sela naked and moaning in the pool house. She decides that Reed deserves to know and brings him back out by the pool to tell him. Just as she is about to say something, Jack comes over and tells Reed that his mother needs him right away. As soon as Reed leaves, Jack goes after Sin. He asks her if she enjoyed what she saw in the pool house and that she should have joined them. Realizing that Sin is a different kind of girl, he resorts to threats. He tells her that she is going to keep her mouth shut because he has connections everywhere and can make her life very difficult.The party is getting started and it appears that Sinclair's creepy stalker is in attendance. When Mimi approaches him, we find out that he is Pastor Richie.Reed catches a glimpse of Sin and he can't take his eyes off of her. Sin makes Jesse promise that he won't leave her side during the party but within 5 minutes, he was gone. Reed approaches and she tells him that she needs to find the restroom. He tells her that he will be right here waiting for her when she returns. On her way to the bathroom, a gorgeous musician intercepts her. She is a giddy school girl with him and when he invites her to party with him she agrees. Reed sees this interaction and rushes over to put a stop to it. He decides to take her to one of the bathrooms in the house and away from trouble. Before she could make it into the bathroom, Reed grabs hold of her and starts kissing her again. Sin, already having too much to drink, doesn't stop him. Just before things get naked, Mimi shows up and tells Reed that Sela is out of control and he needs to come wrangle her in. Before he leaves, he tells Sin that he is not marrying Sela because she has opened up his eyes to something more.When they return to the party, Jesse and Sin go in search of his parents so they can get the vow renewal underway. Jesse tells Sin to wait for him in the library and when she gets there, she finds a sexed up Sela. To add fuel to the fire, Sela knocks on the bathroom door and says "You'd better put you pants back on Reed". Sin feels so sick to her stomach, that she leaves the room all angry and mad at Reed.When she gets back outside, she bumps into Pastor Richie. He asks her to help him get an anniversary present out of his car. When they get to the car, Sin realizes something is wrong. The next thing she knows, she's smelling some chemical and everything goes dark.Back at the party, Reed is looking for Sinclair. Apparently there were leaky pipes in the kitchen and he had been with George trying to fix them. At the same time, Jack has gotten completely out of control. He admits to everyone that he has been boinking Sela the whole time. Not wanting to take it anymore, Reed lifts him up and tosses him into the pool.Sinclair wakes up in a dingy basement with no way out. Pastor Richie aka Michael tells Sinclair that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Sin decides to play into his game but gets completely disgusted when things progress to far. She took that opportunity to kick him in the nuts and run for her life.Back at the house, Reed and Jesse get a bad feeling about the situation. Sin would never ignore this many calls from Jesse. They figure out that she was last seen with Pastor Richie and try to find his whereabouts.Sin makes it to a gas station and runs inside for help. The woman doesn't seem to believe Sin's story and is hesitant on calling the cops. The next thing she knows, Michael pulls up to the gas station and Sin pleads with the woman to not tell him she was ever here. She hides in the bathroom and when the woman knocks on the door, she comes out to find Michael standing there. Michael told the woman some story that Sin was a junkie he was trying to help. She starts to question the situation and decides to call the police and let them sort it out. As soon as she goes for the phone, Michael shoots her right in the face. Another patron walks in and when Michael aims to shoot him, Sin runs out the back door. She doesn't get very far because he meets around back. She fought with everything she had and ran to the road to find a squad car pulling into the lot.Back at the house, Reed was getting annoyed at the cops since they said they couldn't do anything since she hadn't been missing for 24 hours yet. Just as he decides to go and look for her himself, Jesse gets a phone call that they found her and she is safe but in the hospital.Reed and Jesse rush to the hospital to see her. Reed is beyond angry seeing her there, looking that vulnerable. He rushes for her but he can tell that she is being distant. They asked her if they caught the guy and she told them that he got away. They were keeping her overnight and her parents were coming within the hour. The next day, a police detective comes to see Sin in the hospital. He tells her that the Pastor's car was in an accident with a semi and it looks like the driver was killed. They have to wait to confirm that it was indeed the Pastor but the detective tells her that it looks like the whole thing is over for her.A month later, things seem to be back to normal in Sinclair's life. Jesse has met someone knew and is heading off to Vegas with him. Sinclair is back to living her quiet, hermit life. She's back in her apartment getting ready for her date when Reed shows up at her door. He told her that he was trying to give her space but couldn't do it anymore. She tries to deny him but once he grabs hold of her and starts kissing, all of that will power went out the window. Reed tells Sin that he quit his job in New York and is moving back to live with his mother. Apparently she kicked Jack out and Reed stepped in to help her out. Now they can see a lot more of each other. __The End__The book really ends with a chapter from Michael who obviously didn't die in that fiery car accident. It seems he is at another hair salon with another hair stylist, setting up his new obsession.
review 2: This book was okay. It sounded like a quick, fun read from the description but I quickly found out otherwise. The characters were shallow and 2 dimensional, no development or real background at all. All of them were very cliche and boring. The plot was paced quickly, and the antagonist came out of nowhere. I feel like the antagonists part was thrown in as an after thought because the book needed something more. It wasn't well thought out. This author has potential, I may give one of her other books a try, but this book didn't do it for me. less
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Good quick fead, but i would have liked to have a better ending!
Looooooved this one!!! Absolutely great book!!!Read it!!!
hot, liking forward to next book
November 2014
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