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The Reinvention Of Bessica Lefter (2011)

by Kristen Tracy(Favorite Author)
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0385736886 (ISBN13: 9780385736886)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Bessica Lefter
review 1: Bessica is all about being a brand new person because she and her shy BFF SYlvie are going to a brand new middle school away from all of their friends. So, following that logic, Bessica decides to get her and Sylvie a pixie cut. But, that didn't go over so well with the moms. In fact Mrs. Potaski decides to move Sylvie to the other middle school, leaving Bessica with no friends that she knows. And to top that, Bessica's grandma leaves on a 6 week trip with her new boyfriend. Then, school starts, at the begining Bessica DISPISED it...she was getting bullied, didn't know anyone, didn't have a lunch group, and ended up eating with the alt crowd. YIKES! She tried to avoid the dweebs, and tried to join the cheer squad. But, on the day of the cheer try-outs she sees the kids try... moreing to be the mascots. They all look like they were having so much fun, so she decided to do what makes her happy. Things get progressivly better and even her and Sylvie make up. Over all I thought it was a great book because I could relate to it.
review 2: Middle school is “puke bad”, Bessica is quick to point out to just about anyone who will listen. This book will resonate with anyone who would rather read about middle school rather than re-live it, or maybe anyone who doesn’t find middle school to be an easy place to be. She is a girl, that not for lack of trying, manages to get herself in many difficult situations, and finds believable solutions, sometimes…..other times, well she is just like you or me! I’m hoping that there will be more stories about Bessica, I think many girls will be able to relate to her. less
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A good book but Bessica was really dumb and funny but a good bock to relate to!
It was a swirl in the perspective of a middle school girl with friend-issues.
I liked the book. I mean it was nothing special.
This book was awesome :)
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