It took me a couple of chapters to get into this but once I did there was no stopping me, in fact it was very convenient that I was not very well as I just laid in bed reading this book in a day.

To wake up and find your husband gone and as you’re looking for him you find him dead in the garden, how do you recover from that?  Why was he killed and what reason would anyone have to kill her husband the builder.  Fran was now alone with two children, the police keep asking her questions that she cannot answer but this leads to Fran finding out the answers for herself.

Many twists and turns that lead you up the wrong way so everything comes as a surprise, did Fran kill her own husband or is it all a dream?  I was surprised when the answers came out at the very end and I would never have guessed what he did for a living at all!

I enjoyed reading this as it kept me engrossed all the way through, strong characters that worked well.  Would like to read more from this author in the future.

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