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Sessions Interrupted (2000)

by Kristi Pelton(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: So I went through a lot of feelings about this book. At times I felt like the story was only okay, and other times I really enjoyed the story. I got a bit tired of the heroine a bit more than I would've liked for a story. She was too prone to mood swings for my preferences. They were arguably righteous or at least understandable mood swings, but that doesn't necessarily change my opinion on my reading experience.
review 2: I totally loved the book.It was so full of emotion. Things from the their pasts ... Things that are the present.....Things that will become the future.K's & Docs relationship is in the truest rarest form. Things aren't always as they seem. & Sometimes they are exactly that.I loved his ruggedness and her simple touch. They both are witty & c
... moreharming & full of love ...They are a perfect doctor -patient item.I feel hard for this book. I read it one setting. I absolutely love Kristi Pelton.Thank you for writing Sessions Interrupted. & bringing us this well written story. less
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Loved Kieran, not so much Megan.
loved reading this story
It was OK
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