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The Butler Gets A Break: A Bellweather Tale (2010)

by Kristin Clark Venuti(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
1606840878 (ISBN13: 9781606840870)
review 1: This is a Lemony Snicket readalike. I did not like Lemony Snicket, and this book does not grab me any more than those did. However, I do think the off humor and "naughty children" are favorites of students. The story is narrated from the Butler's Journal entries as he lies in a hospital bed laid up because the triplets cut a hole in the staircase in their pursuit of art and he fell breaking his leg. This book unlike the Snicket books features parents for the children, but rather self-absorbed ones, so the butler is in charge, until now. Venti's characters are well constructed and memorable. I love the names.
review 2: A sequel to Venuti's hilarious Leaving the Bellweathers, The Butler Gets a Break is just as fun, just as witty, and keeps the pages turning!E
... moreven the chapter titles had me smiling! Benway, our beloved butler to the Bellweathers, breaks his leg and has to spend some time recuperating. However, he gets little rest as he worries about the children, especially the triplets, and his mysterious replacement, while being cared for by a nurse with a firm hand. "Chainsaws are so hard on furniture."The triplets found themselves to be hysterically funny, and I found myself chuckling at their puns and plays on words, which are brilliant...but they aren't MY triplets! The cover art is once again brilliant and telling, and completely eye-catching!This is such a fun series for the Middle Grade set, I'm looking forward to the next one (Kristin? What's next?).Oh, and I still think they would make the most colorful movies! less
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I find Benway to be a bit annoying, but I can see how children would find it amusing.
I especially like that my name was used in the series!
So funny! A good sequel and great nonsense. -Maeve
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