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Mortal Ghost (2008)

by L. Lee Lowe(Favorite Author)
3.11 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: i almost gave up on this book after the first couple of chapters but i'm glad i didn't. once you get past the grammatical and spelling errors, the story is amazing. i don't know if it's just the ebook version, but there are several spots where the scene changes from one paragraph to the next but there's no real separation between the text so it takes a few moments of disorientation to realize what's going on. as for the story itself, i can't decide which literary category it belongs in. i was leaning towards science fiction throughout most of it but now i'm not sure. the story is a unique one, at least as far as i know. at times there seem to be too many plot lines, just when one is wrapped up another starts to unravel. but in the end they tie together nicely for th... moree most part. i still have a few unanswered questions that almost makes me expect a sequel. the symbolism is subtle yet not difficult to understand for most readers. i will admit that i cried freely throughout the last chapter. i think this is the kind of book that i will read several times over and manage to discover something new each time.
review 2: I am conflicted about this book. It was an interesting idea, but it wasn't always well written. It did not have any natural means of transition, no pages breaks or anything that would indicated a scene change. I liked Jesse and Sarah a lot, as well as Finn. I never did understand what was going on with the government study and that part of the story did not make sense; it seemed like a filler to meet a word requirement. It didn't really add to the story, just confused it. I was glad that Jesse was able to get back at Mick and Gavin, even if the first attempt didn't take and the second cost so many lives, the third was wonderfully poetic, especially Gavin's punishment. However, I thought the ending was cheap and well, to be blunt not very fair to the readers. Jesse "dies" in a bridge fire or did he turn in to the bird? Sarah has his baby and misses him terribly, still dreams about him, and thinks she sees him but can't be sure and it ends with Ariel, their daughter, having the top and wet hair. So is he really dead? It doesn't seem like it, but then why is he avoiding her? Like I said, interesting idea but not very well put together and not very well finished either. This was a free ebook for my Nook. less
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Was not crazy about this book. Very slow. Did not finish the book. I do not recommend it to any one.
I really wanted to like this book, but it was just to much work to follow.
twists and turns throughout the story. keeps the reader guessing....
Hated the ending it was such a disappointment
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