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Anything But Ordinary (2012)

by Lara Avery(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1423163869 (ISBN13: 9781423163862)
Hyperion Book CH
review 1: This book was really great. One of the ones that will only last you one afternoon because you just can't set it down. With so many twists and cliffhangers, it was just impossible for me to stop reading, and I think this was an excellent first novel for Lara Avery (I'll definitely be looking into her later). I loved the whole plot of Bryce trying to find a place in her new world, and the sweet, slight romance that gets tied in to the whole thing perfectly. I didn't quite realize how good it was going to be from the start, so it took a little bit of patience to really get into. This book really was one of the ones I was just kind of randomly wondering about; picked it up because it looked good. So I gave it a chance, and I'm so happy now that I did, because I really, really ... moreenjoyed reading it. It just gets and keeps you wondering, and feeling for the characters, because everything they are all going through could really happen in real life. There were small tearful moments throughout the last third or so of the book, so I was bracing myself for the ending. I'm a crier. But I was pleasantly surprised by how perfectly Avery ended the book without making me cry. It is very bittersweet, but just so greatly wrapped up in the end that you can't help but feel perfectly satisfied, and happy for Bryce, even though it really was a sad ending. It didn't feel sad, so that's what made up my mind about the whole novel. Avery just finds such wonderful ways to pull you in, keep you there, and connect with you. This book is 100% a gem, and one of my new favorites.
review 2: Wow. Just..wow. This book attacked my feelings. Let me start off by saying BRAVO for such a new idea for a plot. Very well thought out. As Bryce went on her search to find herself after waking up, I felt myself going with her. Like I was trying to as well. Her character was written pretty well. Sometimes her personality annoyed me but hey, that's okay. Her and Carters relationship was really sweet. It built steadily although one part was rushed a bit too soon BUT after that things slowed down. This was wonderful journey to go on with Bryce and that ending..sweet jeebus. I can't get over it. Very nice book and highly suggest reading it. less
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I loved this book. I usually don't cry at the end of books or sad books but this one I almost did.
It was a good book. I'm just very angry with the ending.
I love a book that leaves me crying.. I loved it(:
I love how the book ended the same as it began.
A decent beach book
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