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Pierced By Love (2014)

by Laura L. Walker(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 6
1462115217 (ISBN13: 9781462115211)
Cedar Fort Publishing & Media
review 1: Noell has been jilted twice. The first time it was four days before the wedding, the second time after 11 months of dating, he decides to marry her sister that he's know for six weeks.Pierce and Noelle are not ready for commitment. They become friends to help each other deal with their emotional issues. The funny thing about not searching for love and finding a great friend, it leads to the best kind of love.I was very glad her relationship with Chase ended. She was sooo much better of without him. I hated the way he spoke down to her. His condescension was annoying and uncalled for. I feel bad for her sister to end up with him. Noelle by far got the better deal.I enjoyed reading the roller coaster of Noelle and Pierce's love life. They kept me company and kept my... more mind off of the cough that wouldn't let me sleep. Because both are dealing with issues, it made it easier for them to connect and encourage each other. It was humorous to see them dishing out the same advice that they had received a chapter or two ago.This book is written to the LDS market (aka Mormon or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). While it is a cute and fun book to read, there are many culture specific references that may be confusing for someone not familiar with the LDS lingo.
review 2: 4 STARS Boy did I feel a lot while reading Pierced by Love. I was so mad at the characters. Really liked Pierce and was rooting for him. It would have taken me a lot longer to forgive my sister if I had one. This is full of drama, relationships, forgiveness. Plus it is a clean read. It is a LDS Novel. But is for anyone. Noelle Jensen is thinking that Chase was getting ready to ask her to marry him. Instead he breaks up with her and gets engaged to her sister. They were sneaking around on her. Blaming Noelle. I was mad at Chase I would not want him to marry one of my daughters especially fast. Noelle feels really bad. She wants to get over the hurt but it takes time. She feels everyone was keeping secrets from her. Pierce Logan used to be her home teacher. He lives in the apartment next door. He knows what it feels like to be feeling at odds with your family. He becomes a better friend to her. Pierce never dates one girl for very long. After his parents divorce he is afraid to get close. Pierce likes Noelle and by being her friend starts to fall for her before she is ready. He is a good friend to her and invites her to go home with him on spring break with his family there. I would like to read more from Laura L Walker in the future. I was given this ebook to read so I could give a honest review of it and be part of Pierced by Love blog tour. Noelle helps Pierce cope with his family and gets along with them. less
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Can't wait to read this book written by my cousin when it comes out in October!
This was a nice, easy read. A little slow at times, but nice.
Well wasn't what I expected but all in all good book
A cute LDS romance.
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