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Baxter, The Pig Who Wanted To Be Kosher (2010)

by Laurel Snyder(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
1582463158 (ISBN13: 9781582463155)
Tricycle Press
review 1: This is a silly book with silly illustrations, but it does a good job of introducing the concept of kosher and the welcoming traditions of sharing the sabbath. Baxter is a pig who wants to participate in Shabbat dinner, but learns that he can't because he's not kosher. He tries to stuff himself with kosher pickles and kosher challah and even pretends to be a cow, but nothing makes him kosher. Then he meets a female rabbi who says that while Baxter will never be kosher to be eaten at Shabbat dinner, he is welcome to come to her house to share Shabbat dinner, which he does.
review 2: A humorous tale of a pig who hears about Shabbat dinner from a man waiting for the bus. The singing and lighting of candles intrigues him. However, for some reason, the nice man tell
... mores him that he is not kosher, and therefore cannot be part of Shabbat dinner. So, Baxter the pig eats tons of kosher pickles and 5 loaves of raisin challah bread and tries to become a cow. Nothing works. Until a rabbi finally tells him that although he is a pig, and therefore will never be kosher to eat, he is more than welcome to join her for Shabbat dinner. less
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Cute story about the true mitzvah of Shabbat dinner--inviting those who want to learn more to join.
This was cute, but I thought the illustrations could have been better.
A cute way to introduce kids to the concept of keeping kosher.
Picture book to what a Shabbat is all about.
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