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Free To Fall (2014)

by Lauren Miller(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 1
0062199803 (ISBN13: 9780062199805)
review 1: After seeing Lauren Miller speak on this book at the Texas Book Festival, I added it to my "to read" list. I'm glad that I did. The premise of the book is an app "Lux" on your mobile device that helps you make choices to optimize happiness and efficiency. And who doesn't want to be happier, but at what cost? As much as anything, the book addresses our continuing dependence and addiction to our electronic devices.
review 2: You've seen them, people so ingrossed in their phones that they walk into poles, fall into fountains, or walk straight into traffic. Free to Fall is about a world where we no longer have to make our own choices, what to eat to stay healthy, what job to get, whom to date, are all chosen for us simply by consulting a handheld device with the
... more Lux app. But the novel is so much more, it has intrigue, danger and romance; it explores the concept of connectedness as opposed to real, personal, and deep connections. Miller delivers an amazing and intelligent work of speculative fiction along the lines of Orwell's 1984 and Doctorow's Little Brother. less
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ok book just not really what I normally like
Amazing and in a way realistic book.
I loved this book so much.
**3.5 stars
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