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Screwed (2013)

by Laurie Plissner(Favorite Author)
3.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1440557101 (ISBN13: 9781440557101)
Merit Press
review 1: Ugh!!! I feel for grace so much!! I hate her parents.. I really don't see how they could do that to there kid. Mistakes happen. They should be there for her and not worry about there appearances poor grace on her hands and kness her crappy parents don't deserver a daughter that good. The poor girl fell for a guy that just wanted to see how many girls he could do before collage. SO GROSS!! there is a lot of places in this book that made me wish that I could be there for her then I had to remember its a book not life. Thank u goodreads for letting me win this wonderful book!
review 2: You know...I kind of just wanted to hate this book. The thing was, I'd read far TOO MANY "pregnancy books" in succession so I was just kind of over them in general, and then the who
... morele omniscient POV came into play, which I'm not normally a fan of, so there were many reasons for me not to like it. But you know what? I couldn't put the bloody thing down. So I guess I really really liked it. Which means I guess I don't always know which books are my thing, and which aren't. The thing is, the plotting is very well done, the characters are excellent, and yeah, it really is very thought provoking. So really, what's not to like? Read it! less
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A great pool side read. You will be entertained the entire book. Loved it !!!
DNF. secondary characters were too cardboard for me.
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