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A Touch Morbid (2012)

by Leah Clifford(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
A Touch Trilogy
review 1: Not Recommended[return][return]Gabe, Az and Eden are back for the follow up book to A Touch Mortal. The book jumps right into continuing the story from the first book, so the story and characters are not introduced again. Readers will be lost if they have not read the first book. Eden is still coming to terms with being a Sider. She can suck the soul/life out of humans. People become Siders when they commit suicide. However, the story is playing out that Eden had help committing suicide and that maybe she should not have been a Sider. There are elements of Angels, the Devil, schizophrenia, and runaways, but it is all very confusing and was not clear to me where the story was heading. Towards the end of the story, Kirsten was on her way to giving Luke her soul in ex... morechange for him helping her deal with mental issues and so she would not be lonely. The story ended with the death of another character and readers are left with a cliff hanger. Is the character who just died going to be a Sider?[return][return]I just felt like there were too many characters and story lines going on that I didn’t really understand where the story was going. I could see that it was supposed to be dark and there were elements of angels vs. the devil, but I almost gave up reading it. It had been a few months since I read the first book (which I did enjoy), but I should have reread it to understand the story development. However, I did not love the first book enough to reread it. As an avid reader, I normally do not have to reread books in a series to remember who the characters were and what was going on in the story.[return][return]Besides buying this for a school or public library collection, I don’t really have any ideas as to where else this book could be used. The cover art is great and would tempt students into picking it up. I would actually not even recommend buying this book for the school library unless you have the first one AND a student requests it. I would agree with the Kirkus review that states it’s “chaotic”.
review 2: holy guacamole!!!!! the ending so intense!!!!! the plot so much more intense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hated/loved the end. i can't believe az is gone. he chose gabriel over eden!!!! what kind of boyfriend does tht?? and then at least gabe is back from the fallen. woahhhhh.. he got a second chance. holy crap. ooooh!! and sullivan!!! is she going to be like eden?? but now shes gonna suffer in hell like libby cuz luke created her. or what happens. so many possibilities!!! and kristen woah. she just led luke on! duuuudeeeee now hes gonna b pissed and destroy gabriel. and war is coming!!!! yesss!!!!! ooooh edens gonna win! yes yes yes yes. then az is gonna have to destroy her. so wait nononononononno!!!! D: aghhhH!!!! cant wait till the next one comes out!!!! less
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so far so good...only alot shorter and more fast-paced than the first book..
Not really sure how I feel about this, book yet....review to come.
The end....... talk about a cliff hanger
i can't wait for the next one. :)
hard to follow
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