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Freeman (2012)

by Leonard Pitts Jr.(Favorite Author)
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1932841644 (ISBN13: 9781932841640)
Agate Bolden
review 1: This was good, but I couldn't help comparing it (negatively) to The Known World, by Edward Jones. Also, I happened to find out about a real-life Prudence Crandall from New England during this time period who started a school for free blacks, and the details of her life are eerily similar to the Prudence of the book (town passes law to try to stop her, mob violence, abolitionist family...), but there's no mention of the author having based his story (even loosely) on hers, which is weird at best, and disturbing at worst.
review 2: Freeman was an unexpectedly good book, with quality writing and a solid plot. The first years after the Civil War are rarely dealt with in fiction and the braided story of Sam, Tilda, and Prudence did so beautifully. Pitts doesn't t
... moreurn away from the trials and horrors of the post-Civil War Era, nor does he glorify the North in his treatment of his characters. All are flawed and all are beautiful. less
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This is a heartbreaking story with characters that came alive for me. Such a good read.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Incredible story!
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