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I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas (2010)

by Lewis Black(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
0142428558 (ISBN13: 9780142428559)
Penguin Audio
review 1: Boring pointless drivel. Black's life as an angry Jew is not interesting. When he has 3 minutes on the Daily Show and has to organize his material he can be funny. I didn't read the whole book. After three chapters with almost no humor I skipped a couple of chapters. Same dull whining. Skipped a couple more chapters. Same thing.Perhaps the three minutes on the Daily Show is the limit of his creativity.
review 2: Listening to this book was fantastic. Period. Black reads it himself (who else could do it justice?), and it is about MUCH more than just Christmas. He rants hilariously on a variety of subjects (no surprise there) but he also reveals quite a lot about himself. I gather from other peoples' reviews that the book is less successful that the audio version
... more. For all the Louis Black fans who were lukewarm on the print version, I encourage you to go to your favorite library or bookstore and get it on audio. You won't be sorry. less
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I think Lewis Black is hysterical. This book, unfortunately, was not.
I had him read it to me- absolutely hysterical as always.
One word = silly
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