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The Billionaire's Secret Desire (2000)

by Lietha Wards(Favorite Author)
3.01 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Refreshing contemporary romance. Perfect escape from reality.Heroine is not the usual bitchy, challenging and antagonistic towards the hero. She's sweet, shy and very nice.The hero, so over the top in love with the heroine. Jealous and possessive. The Billionaire's Secret Desire is a romance where the romance is the main story. No side plots. The characters are wealthy and hard working. I enjoyed escaping into the fantasy of this romance. My only negative was the constant use of the Limosines. Don't know why but that was a distraction. There are many high worth cars that the wealthy drive that could have been mentioned.
review 2: Lily Shane lived with her brother Luke since their parents died when she was fourteen. She fell in love with Luke's best friend, Max
... moreKing. Seeing the models he dated she knew she did not come close to the type of woman Max dated. Now she was going to be working for Max this summer and as his personal assistant, how would she ever hide her feelings from him? And worse yet she would have to see him with Cybil, his latest model girlfriend.I enjoyed this story. I liked that max was patient for years, waiting for lily to be old enough. Lily came across as naive and I liked her.The author is obviously a devotee of the alpha male and all his dominant ways . Some modern women might think of the heroine in this story as being weak and not standing up for herself, but they are wrong. She does stand up for herself, but she is also a kind tender hearted person who loves her brother and the man who steals her heart. less
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Too much fairytale ....
a sweet story!!
loved this book
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