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Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever (2009)

by Lisa Rinna(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 2
1416948635 (ISBN13: 9781416948636)
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
review 1: Lisa Rinna always seems like she's having fun when I've seen her on television, so I figured her book would be fun too. It is! It's a very-easy-to-read, upbeat book about getting your best life. I'm glad she included her struggles as a child and her tenacity in forging her career to include clothing stores, fitness videos, and her stint as a red-carpet interviewer. I found those to be very inspirational. Also, her chapter on exercise was refreshing. So many fab-looking stars pooh-pooh their workouts or pretend they just "have good genes." It takes work to look that good!The parenting, sex, and spirituality chapters were rather light, but overall the book was perfect for a gray, cold, January afternoon.
review 2: Lots of little tips about all sorts of beauty iss
... moreues...from diet to exercise to tanning spray and plastic surgery. I have a little annoyance that sometimes it's way too Hollywood, giving advice that real people aren't going to follow...but maybe there are some readers that are going to be into that. Also, I have way too clear a vision of what Lisa Rinna does with Harry Hamlin in bed now. Again, maybe there are some readers that are going to be into that. less
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A fun read, Lisa doesn't hold back in sharing information about EVERY aspect of her life.
Great Book but I have always been a fan since Days of Our Lives!
She's fun, goofy and down to earth!
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