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A Tooth For A Fang (Leader Murders #1) (2014)

by Liv Olteano(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Sexy m/m werewolf tale that raises a moral question regarding forced turnings/matings. The beginning felt rushed. The turning process in this mythology is non-con and open to abuse. Kudos to the author for creating an empathetic villain. In the end I was not satisfied with the fact that nothing happened to the villain's abuser. He should have been locked up or at the very least have his position of authority removed. In general though it's an enjoyable and thought-provoking light romance.
review 2: Interesting look at the non-consensual aspect of turning but it did make the romantic aspect of this story hard to take. I am thinking this might be the first of a series so there would have been time to turn the non-con aspect of the MCs relationship into a friendsh
... moreip which could then move to something romantic later rather than rushing that aspect here (which made it a very uncomfortable read as the relationship was very one-sided). less
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Thoroughly enjoyable. Many parts had me laughing out loud. A well written mystery and fun characters
very good! recommend and would love more books with this couple/world.
really enjoyed this, hope there's a sequel.
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