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Grabbed By Vicious (2013)

by Lolita Lopez(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
1419944274 (ISBN13: 9781419944277)
Ellora's Cave
review 1: I have had this book on my self for a while now and really may have never read it. Judging from the description didn't help much either. Girl won over by a military man and both falling madly in love after a tragic beginning. Well the beginning was only tragic for two seconds! Hallie got over being captured pretty quick. The book surprised me on too many levels to count. It was well written and captured the emotional challenges throughout the story perfectly. I got a clear image of the characters. The sex was hot to a certain extent and was a lot lighter on Ds and Ms than i expected. However the power play and pure maledom was crystal clear. I loved it from beginning to end. Their relationship took on a lot of negativity during such a short time. Even through it all Hallie... more still brought Vicious to his knees. They shared a love deepened with each passing moment. Apart from the "Grabbing", the story was realistic. Their private issues happen with couples everyday.
review 2: I love Hallie! She's got brains and spunk and doesn't get over emotional causing needless drama as many romantic heroines do. It's very refreshing to see a main female lead that has already lived a purposeful life before their brush with destiny. She may seem like a sweet young thing, but she is far from it.I do think that Vicious could have been a little more macho. He became a suck over her why too early, especially around his male friends. Some of those parts, I had to roll my eyes because it was too obviously written by a women for women. The sex was great. A small dose of BDSM, kitten-play, public sex. But I thought it could have done better with different customs (ei, safewords, certain toys, etc.) We ARE on an alien space ship far into the future after all! less
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An original storyline, with some interesting world-building. Lopez is a helluva writer. Well-done!
DNF. Not for me.
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