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Raising My Rainbow: Adventures In Raising A Fabulous, Gender Creative Son (2013)

by Lori Duron(Favorite Author)
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0770437729 (ISBN13: 9780770437725)
Broadway Books
review 1: High points for sharing her family's story with honesty and openness. That must be a huge boon to parents of young children everywhere and three cheers for our societal progress where gender and sexuality are concerned. Low points for the repetitive characterization of decor and toys and clothes as girl toys and boy toys -- and most importantly, the writing itself. What can I say? These recycled, often repetitive blogs needed a writer's hand and an editor's guidance.
review 2: This is a must-read for ALL parents. Yes, it focuses on the trials and tribulations of raising a gender non-conforming child, but there are many universal themes that all parents can learn from and teach their kids - empathy, compassion, being non-judgmental, and reaching out to others w
... moreith an open heart and open mind. At times the author focuses a little too much on herself, which comes across as slightly narcissistic, but overall this is highly recommended reading. less
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Very insightful book. Bravo to the mom for how she has handled raising her son so far. Quick read
Very funny easy read. Author/narrator is quite funny.
Great read for all teachers.
Loved this mother's story.
Straight to the heart
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