Rocking Between The Sheets (Razor’s Edge Prequel) | Review

My name is Cayson James Razor, I’m the front man for Razors Edge. My friends call me CJ but the groupies call me the pleasure God.

I’m living my dream, tens of thousands of fans scream my name and fresh pussy every night with no attachments. Life couldn’t get any better as far as I was concerned. That was until my manager came to me, calling in the favor I owed him.

Now my life is changing in ways I wasn’t ready for. God help me but Kayla Marshall is going to be the death of my rock God image.

This book was REALLY hard to put down. While it was a short read, it was just that good. From page one I was captivated by Cayson Razor, and how he acted towards Kayla. The two of them had chemistry between them and just wanted to get through this without issues, but we all know that isn’t how it always goes. Of course there is a cliffhanger, but that leaves it open for Sheet Music.

Because the book was short, there was a lot left out. I would have liked more detail on the band and their lives, more interaction between Kayla and them, talks between Kayla and Sean, and just a lot more details about Kayla. I felt that there was a lot lacking there, but I’m hoping that for book 1, we’ll get filled in on more information. None the less, I really loved this book and cannot wait for Sheet Music.

You can find Rocking Between the Sheets on GOODREADS, and be sure to grab the book from amazon in both KINDLE and PAPERBACK.

And don’t forget to preorder Sheet Music so you can keep reading this great series

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