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Mozart's Blood (2010)

by Louise Marley(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 5
0758242123 (ISBN13: 9780758242129)
review 1: I read three books by the same author, Louise Marley. I feel the need to write a singular review for all three. The plots are not the same, nor are they dealing with the same genres(one is more of a romance, one more science fiction, one more mystery/adventure). They are however drawn together with a singular plot device, classical music, and how it connects people throughout the ages. The first book I read was The Braham’s Deception. This was the more science fiction based book. It dealt with time travel and actually going back to see Braham himself. Anything more then that on the plot would reveal to more of the plot but a wonderful book! The second book I read was Mozart’s Blood. This one I had trouble with. Not an issue with the book itself but I persona... morelly just am NOT a fan of Mozart. This is written more as a romance, even to the point of following the opera of Don Giovanni. That was another point that made the book harder for me to deal with as I have never seen, heard or read the opera. The third book I read was The Glass Butterfly. This book is more of a mystery/ adventure book. The music in this book doesn’t seem as obvious until later in the book and when it does it deals with Puccini a more modern composer. There are elements of science fiction in this book but they are secondary to the main mystery plot. This is a good mystery as is keep me guessing fairly far into the book as opposed to most mysteries where I understand immediately what is happening. Overall these are great books. At times, I found I had trouble with some of the language(parts are written in Latin, German, French and Italian to give a authentic feel). I also struggled with the music references as I am not a fan of classical music. I like most music though and can understand how music can be a driving force in our lives which is the point the author is trying to convey. I have previous read her Singers of Nevya series which I immensely enjoyed so I expected nothing less of this great author. I just wish she had picked a different genre of music on which to demonstrate her point. I did read the authors notes and understand her choice of opera. Louise Marley is a classically trained opera singer. However not everyone is. I still liked the books and would recommend them to everyone, especially those who had a vested interest in classical music.
review 2: Mozart's Blood was a great break from the run of the mill vampire novels. The historical detail is amazing and seeing into the inner workings of opera actually made me smarter. I found I wanted to listen to opera after reading this book. The characters were multi-dimensional. If you're looking for a vampire book that breaks from the pack and educates as well as entertained, you'll enjoy Mozart's Blood. less
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i liked it but needed more interaction it was more like someone tellin the story instead of story
Not bad. It moved along and I liked the writing.
great read
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