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Lulu In The Sky: A Daughter Of Cambodia Finds Love, Healing, And Double Happiness (2012)

by Loung Ung(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
0062091913 (ISBN13: 9780062091918)
Harper Perennial
Daughter of Cambodia
review 1: First they Killed My Father is one of my favorite books. It's a heartbreaking memoir, but exceptionally powerful coming from a young girl's perspective of the Cambodian genocide. Lulu in the Sky, Ung's third memoir, is the story of her adult life, and how she finds her way toward healing. Her story is fascinating and she tells it with such honesty and heart. After all she had to endure as a child, I was happy to read that she found love with a kind and patient man, and that she eventually found her own sense of peace. I especially loved reading about her trips back to Cambodia. In her first book, the country was a terrifying place while the Khmer Rouge was in power. But in Lulu in the Sky, Ung returns to a peaceful place where life is simple, families are close, and the pe... moreople are compassionate. There is a scene at a wedding where poor children come to eat the leftovers when the guests are done eating. Ung's auntie welcomes the children and gladly shares, even giving out plastic bags so they could take food home to their families. Ung's auntie tells her, "During Pol Pot time, I had nothing to eat so I know what hunger feels like." Lulu in the Sky shows how Ung uses her own knowledge of hunger and suffering to become an activist and a powerful voice for human rights. Loung Ung is an admirable woman and this is an admirable book. I'm grateful she chose to share her story with the world.
review 2: I received this book free thru Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.When I first saw this book as a giveaway I entered it as fast as I can. I think there were only about 5 copies they were giving away and i prayed that I would win it and I did. The reason why I entered for this book was because since I'm a Cambodian person myself, I'm more than willing to learn more about my culture. If you dont know by now, Cambodia was torn by war and my parents were actually part of it when Cambodia was invaded. They were able to escape and come to the United States to have me. When I was old enough i was able to find out what happened to Cambodia and why my parents had to leave their hometown in the first place. After that I never asked them what happened because even though my parents never said "I dont want to talk about it" I can feel their uneasiness so I let it go. Lulu in the sky is a memoir about an actual Cambo girl who survived the Khmer Rouge and was able to tell her story. By reading her story I was able to see the war from her eyes and I was also able to see how much she suffered when she came to the United States. I felt her pain as I read her story because one reason why she got into so many fights with her boyfriend now husband Mark was because she couldnt clear her mind of the war. I think my parents were like that too. I'll never miss a chance to find a book about my culture and read it. I was so happy I was one of the 5 who won this book and I hope I can find some more books about my culture. less
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I put this one aside as I hadn't realized there were two earlier books.
3rd book in series
Really a 3.5.
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