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Angelic (2012)

by L.P. Swalheim(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 3
L.P. Swalheim; 1 edition
review 1: Let's talk about Angelic....From the front of Angelic ( I absolutely love this )'' To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is Angelic.-- Alphonse de LamartineThis is L.P. Swalheim's first book and being that it is his first book. I feel that he did an excellent job. It was well written , exciting and kept me captivated. I loved the story line and the character's were well rounded and delightful. What I did not like was that epic cliffhanger ending. For one I wasn't expecting it and two : well are we ever expecting it lolSo if you like paranormal stories about Angels, and things that go bump in the night , well then this book is for you. *** Note: at the end of this book is the teaser for book 2 in the Angelic series. That teaser wi... morell just about kill you. ( No, don't cheat and look at it now. Hey, I said don't read it. besides it wouldn't make much sense to you if you did lol) please check the author's facebook page for updates on it's release date.*** Second note: FOR THOSE WHO HAVE READ ANGELIC !!!!!Fellow Angelic readers, we have patiently been waiting( forever I might add) on the release of Torn ( book 2 in the Angelic series) . Well that time is almost here. The author posted on his fb page here recently that he is close to publishing Torn.  So if you want to keep a closer eye on the release date I would follow his Angelic page on fb. That teaser just about killed me and I know it was the same for you. Let's all hope the release is very , very soon. 
review 2: I'm not over-the-top thrilled with the writing style. In the beginning I felt certain some very young, aspiring author had written this novel as a debut. However, the writing did improve. Honestly, if I'd read Blake saying "like" one more time, I might not have finished the book. Speaking of Blake, I'm not sure it sends the right message for Ariel to have completely abandoned her best friend in favor of her relationship with Liam, and that's how this book reads. Blake disappears about halfway through the book. Just saying. Having reached the end, I am now totally upset that book two isn't out yet. Be forewarned: major cliffhanger ending (if you read the sneak peek, in particular)! less
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Awesome read! Struggle to put it down! Cried hard!
loved it I cant wait till the next one is out
Good book and I can't wait for book 2!!
He DIES?!?!are you kidding me?!?!?
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