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The Good Girls Revolt: How The Women Of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses And Changed The Workplace (2012)

by Lynn Povich(Favorite Author)
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161039173X (ISBN13: 9781610391733)
review 1: It was interesting & enlightening, but it felt heavy on the people (their background, who they knew, who they were married to) and light on the daily discrimination had by the women. In fact, I felt it was less about overt discrimination and more about a cultural shift in the perception of women. In the end, not all of the women felt the suit in the same way: the black women, the older women, the women who didn't want to write, etc. I see how this suit led the way for women to have bigger roles in the workforce, but I don't think it compares to the risks had by the blacks that led the way for their civil rights.
review 2: I had not heard of this book before finding it while browsing at the library. It presents a fascinating history of an early (March 1970)se
... morex discrimination lawsuit by a group of women against their employer (Newsweek). They had a strong case because women were only hired to be researchers, while men with similar education and experience were hired to be writers. The women involved were well-educated, and not all identified with feminism. But they recognized that they were being treated unfairly. A settlement was reached. However, two years later they filed a second lawsuit because the male editors had been slow to add women writers.The author, Lynn Povich, was part of the group, so this history is written from a first-person, insider perspective. less
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Liked it! Interesting case that covers a . lot of perspectives.
Interesting view of the early feminist movement.
Liked it, must have been in a non-fiction mood.
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