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Love Out Loud (2008)

by Marilyn Lee(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
Ellora's Cave
Long Line of Love
review 1: I wanted to like this book but I just can't get myself to summon up false hope. I didn't like that Benai gave into to every order/request of Randall's. I like my woman, not playing games but, strong minded, strong willed. Randall just annoyed the crap out of me. Ugh, nice but in a creepy stalkerish way. Not to confuse anyone, there was no stalking, he just reminded me of the type.
review 2: I'm on page 79 of this book (195 pgs). Not much to be said so far about the plot itself. Certain issues have become a repetitive already as far as the whole interest the older brother had or is suppose to have in Benai. Sections of the book can be considered crude, the language that is. The sx is certainly hot enough but I am waiting to see what happens with the other 2 b
... morerothers. Found the fact that Randall's twin kissed his 'girl' like that in and out of his presence more than a bit disconcerting but lets see where that goes. Hate the way she says his name when they are making love e.g. "yes my handsome Randall" who does that? lolThis was more a 2.5 for the story itself but that isn't available so I picked a 3 star. The sex scenes were mostly hot, the plot cld've gone further into the background of the male protagonist, I felt it cld've been more developed. Some things were repetitive to the point of becoming a nuisance. less
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I am a great fan of this author and love all her books. I have not found a bad one yet.
I enjoyed the story but found Benai annoying.
Loved the chemistry between the characters
WOW! Stay tuned for the review
Loved it.
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