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Como Os Franceses Inventaram O Amor (2013)

by Marilyn Yalom(Favorite Author)
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857927253x (ISBN13: 9788579272530)
review 1: The subject is very interesting (how the perception and the modes of love have changed through the centuries and how this has been illustrated through literature) and I liked the insight that we tend to model our love expectations on the prevailing forms, as illustrated in literature (now more on TV though). This Yalom does not have the level of prose of the other Yalom and i tended to find the real life examples taken from her own life sometimes misplaced and generally not adding anything to the analysis.A book that makes you want to read more of what it writes about and which I recommend without hesitattion.
review 2: Eh. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did and thought I would. Bought the book a few months ago and decided to move it to the front of my
... more "to read" list with the rather timely events of French President Francois Hollande's romantic entanglements. The book is not so much a history but rather how love is portrayed in many pieces of French history and literature. Some of it is fascinating and is sure to intrigue people interested those who have an interest in French history, literature, etc. From Lancelot to Guinevere to touching upon the recent escapades of Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande (although not the latter's most recent romantic drama), the author traces love, adultery, affairs, desire, etc. throughout time, both heterosexual and homosexual, although the latter only get a couple of chapters.Yet the book seemed lacking somehow. I expected that we'd get a bit more about how kings and presidents took on mistresses and lovers and perhaps some historical perspective on that. Or at the very least, more of a contrast to what is done now vs. previously or even vis a vis in comparison to what happens in the US (ie Clinton and Lewinsky). Again, these are touched upon, but it is not something that goes more in depth. Instead it's much more focused on portrayals in literature, and perhaps gives the French concept of love a much more "romantic" glow. I understand this is not a sociological study, but I felt there was a LOT more the author could have done with the book.The author ends with a brief discussion of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the sexual assault allegations against him, but maintains the "romantic" discussion of love. While I did not necessarily want or need that dark story to end the book, it would have been nice to also discuss the place of power, wealth, etc. and what it can do to manipulate or influence love matches or otherwise. It's not a bad read, especially if you're familiar with the various references to literature and history, but not being a French expert did not necessarily hinder me. Recommend the library before deciding to buy it. less
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Loved the chapter on Proust & passed it on to the Remembrance of Things Past reading group.
Amazing history lesson on the Birds and the Bees. I enjoyed it; the book I'm talking about.
What a fascinating book.
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