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Eve's Diary, Complete (2000)

by Mark Twain(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: cute. an easy read. I enjoyed the poetic innocence. I also love the Sarah Brightman song based on this book and never knew it was from the end of this story. now I will love the song even more.favorite quotes:Eve:"I am very interesting, but if I had another to talk to I could be twice as interesting"Adam on Eve:"She is all interest, eagerness, vivacity, the world is to her a charm, a wonder, a mystery, a joy; she can't speak for delight when she finds a new flower, she must pet it and caress it and smell it and talk to it...."
review 2: Somehow I made it through an English major (with honors!) without reading any Mark Twain. This was my first Twain experience and I really enjoyed it. Eve's curious exploration of Eden and her skepticism of Adam was interesting.
... moreIt had its funny moments. Her explanation of love at the end of the piece was touching. It was a short, quick, fun read. I'm glad I discovered this piece, which I'd never even heard of until it was quoted in something else I was reading. less
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My first Mark Twain but a remarkably good one!
A light and amusing account... very nice!
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