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Influence (2008)

by Mary-Kate Olsen(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
159514210X (ISBN13: 9781595142108)
review 1: These two sisters have changed a lot over the years and their style have developed into something almost magical and out of this world. I love how they see fashion, and how they express their individuality.[‎Sunday, ‎October ‎28, ‎2012] Two days ago I got the book and flipped through it and read about the influential people in the Olsen twins life. But the book wasn't what I expected, it was very nice, I LOVE fashion but I wish there was more photos for the Olsen twins, more fashion photos from The Row.
review 2: I found it to be a brilliant insight into the lives of whose interviewed. While it was an interview, the chatty feel to it made it much easier and more enjoyable to read. It made you feel as though you were there, as the scene would be set and
... morephotos are included.You see designs of theirs [the designers in the book] everywhere- shop windows, catwalks, red carpet events, in magazines, so reading an interview which gives you so much insight into their lives is quite fascinating. The photos are also great [especially those of the photographers], some are included with each interview. For example, if it’s with an artist- photos of their artwork are included.Overall, I found it to be an amazing book with interviews with some of the most celebrated designers, artists and photographers of all time. I will [and have!] re-read this multiple times, I love it! less
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Didn't read this cover-to-cover -- I have a life to lead, not time to waste!
Unique, Artsy & Chic! More Than I Was Expecting!
visually stunning coffee table book.
What a waste of paper!!
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